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The Simplest and Most Economical Way to Manage your Caregivers Work Time, Schedules, Location, Authorizations and Activities.

Have Your Company Up and Running in Minutes, Not Months!
  • The FASTEST Software Solution for Homecare to Set Up!
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  • The EASIEST TO LEARN web-based Homecare Software Solutions available!
  • Three Redundant Data centers.
  • Feature Rich, Robust and Reliable,
  • Two decades of experience
  • The Best Homecare Software Solutions Customer Service!
  • ....we actually answer the phone!


Affordable Homecare Software
Now with free calendar based scheduling.


Simple, Easy to Learn Homecare Software. Four simple steps!

  • 1) Login using User Name and Password
  • 2) Enter Employees names and auto generate an ID number
  • 3) Enter Patient names and auto generate an ID number
  • 4) Enter Authorized Phones to call from (optional) to force caregiver to be on site
as low as $12.00 per month
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  • * Use any computer and internet connection to clock in !
  • * Use a desktop computer, phone or a mobile phone to clock employees in or out.
  • * No Hardware or Timeclock needed.
  • * Exports to major payroll systems.
  • * Record employees GPS coordinates upon clock in. (When available)
No contracts! ($00.00) FREE Pay as you go!
Choosing the right solution for your company can be a difficult task. I've been at this a long time. Taken from experience, here are a few considerations to help you choose a Homecare Software Solution.
1) Set up fees. We dont charge them!
Our pricing is the same as our Parent Company. We have a very clear and simple pricing model with no surprises & “No Hidden Fees”.


2) Should you buy a bundle of software?
Google Calendar operates independently from all the other google goodies. In other words, sometimes it may suit a business to just use one piece of a group of offerings. If one dude can take out the trash, you might not need a swat team.


How fast can you set this thing up? It shouldn't be like Christmas morning where Santa left the bike but forgot the screwdriver. Too much eggnog gets in the way. In most cases, we'll have you up in less than an hour!
No other Homecare Software Company can offer the SPEED that we can!


4) Is someone going to answer the phone?
When I need help, which my wife suggests I need a bunch of, and it's time to call the man, invariably, the voice that answers, tells me that they have updated their system, and to better serve me, I will now press fifty eleven buttons. Another soggy bowl of cornflakes.
Easy and reliable Customer Service is the Hallmark of a good Homecare Software Company. We actually answer the phone!



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Approved Telephony Vendor for MO 2014-10-06 19:59:47 Missouri approved Telephony Vendor - Oct 6, The Department of Missouri Medicaid Audit and Compliance Unit recently approved Caretime as a MO Telephony vendor that meets its requirements for telephony.
"Missouri law states that all providers, by July 1, 2015, shall have, maintain, and use a telephone tracking system for the purpose of reporting and verifying the delivery of services"
Caretime is pleased to offer a low cost, affordable and cost effective solution to meeting these requirements.


NEWS/Press Release: Industry Pioneer Leads CDPAP Software Innovation in NY 2014-05-15 22:42:28 A pioneer of the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program is leading the way in innovation again. The company, Concepts of Independence , based in New York, has launched a Consumer Focus group that is leading in the product development for a specialized advanced CDPAP web based software platform provided by Caretime.   Article


NEWS: Caretime Releases Advanced Budgeting Module   2014-05-14 19:54:32 Home care agencies can now manage allocation of hours in real time.   Our built in free scheduling system links together with the budgeting module to get live information about patient care delivery.


NEWS: Caretime Selected By Major Vendor 2014-02-24 ....for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program Of New York.  Now in BETA trials in New York provide its platform to fiscal intermediaries and consumers as a time tracking and visit verification tool. FI's and Consumer Focus Groups provided data that enabled Caretime to adapt a flexible, unique and economical solution.


NEWS: Caretime Introduces New Telephony Application   2014-02-24 .... for Auto Populating Cms1500 Claims Forms. Now compatible with Smart Forms 1.0   ...release of a billing platform with standard CMS1500 forms and .txt exports to submit to Clearing Houses. Import Caretime time reports to the Smart Forms application and automatically populate your CMS1500 or send batch files to your clearing houses.



The Best Homecare Customer Service - Family Owned like your Agency

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The Best Customer Service in Homecare
A review for Homecare Software
It was easy and quick to get everything set up and the customer service to do so was fabulous. We have not experienced any problems at all." We love this system!
Homecare Software
Date published: 11/03/2014
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